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Monday, 18 April 2011

moshi monsters

hi guys its james here and i am here to give you a review on a game called moshi monsters. 
 you may have read my i don't really like moshi monsters post but then i thought to my self it is not really that bad so that post if you have read it is a piece of tosh and i will do something about the post soon about today or tomorrow. Any way i am sorry i have not been posting alot in the last few days but it has been very intense here at james games studios changing our system so now there should be more post than usual but i can promise.
Ant way it is time for the review. Moshi monsters is a game abit like club penguin but alot different. It has all sorts of monsters to choose from ( above ) and you can decorate and buy items for your monster house. Just like club penguin you can become a member but i am not one sadly ( i am one on club penguin). I think if you are a member you can go to the port send friends gifts and create your own zoo. So in my opinion i think moshi monsters is quite a cool game and i hope to be playing it and becoming a member on it in the future.
rating--- 7 out of 10
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